Phood Farmacy


In today’s highly charged, energetic, and technology driven world, our busy lives favor eating what tastes good, but not necessarily what is good for us. We underestimate what we eat daily and the impact, or lack of impact, the foods we consume have on our body. This fast-paced culture has resulted in the highest levels of obesity, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases humanity has ever experienced.

Meanwhile, with some care and attention, the food we eat can help, suppress, cure, and prevent many of today’s diseases. In fact, more than anything, food possesses substantial healing potential and has been viewed and approached as medicine virtually from the beginning of time. Indeed, the concept that food as medicine is rooted in most ancient civilizations, including Egyptian, Greek, Indian, and Chinese medicine.

Phood Farmacy has been created to provide the ultimate Phood solution, meals. Each meal is produced with a deep focus on health, nutrition, and wellness while using ingredient combinations designed to be both preventative and / or healing in nature.

Meals are freshly made, and are available deconstructed or ready to eat on demand.

Most important are the ingredients and cooking methods deployed to produce our meals. Our produce is purchased fresh from local farms who have production integrity systems and adopt sustainable farming practices. All our ingredients are GMO and antibiotic free and come from certified sources. We cook with filtered water, and go as far as using high alkaline water with certain meal regimens and remedies.


Phood Farmacy is looking for early adopter Franchisees.
The business is profitable and its operating ratios are inline with industry. Capital per location required is between $50,000 to $150,000 and start up soft costs are around $25,000
All regions available